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Investing on AIM is not for the faint-hearted.

Quality information is hard to come by and the existing bulletin boards devoted to discussing financial stocks are easily disrupted by posters who wish to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Traditional investment publications shy away from covering AIM business, leaving the field open to those whose main objective is to undermine all faith in the market and specifically the companies whose stock they may be shorting.

As a result those who take on the challenge of investing in companies listed London's AIM market are often derided as nothing but naive gamblers or rainbow-chasers.

We will not put up with this situation any longer - the time has come for this to change. 

The Bushveld Perspective is a completely independent platform devoted to the study of AIM-listed Bushveld Minerals (BMN).
Run by a community of independent investors it is and will always remain free. 


In-depth Articles

Serious research takes serious time.
AIM stocks rarely get analysed this deeply.

Recent articles have covered the increasing production at Vametco, our attendance at the Vanitec Energy Storage Committee meetings and analysis of the even larger greenfield Mokopane Vanadium resource that Bushveld has been developing since 2014.

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Intelligent Forums

For many years the LSE bulletin board has been the de-facto forum for private investors to discuss Bushveld Minerals and its subsidiaries.  To complement the LSE forum we now also run our own forums integrated closely with research articles.

Our forums are moderated by our community using an independent karma system to naturally eliminate trolls and those who seek to spread misinformation.

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Fact-based Analysis

Vanadium prices are not listed on the LME so we collect and consolidate spot prices from China and Europe for FerroVanadium and Vanadium Pentoxide

Other contributors track shipments of Nitrovan (Vametco's patented Vanadium Nitride product) as they transit to customers in the US - creating a container-by-container log of all shipments.

Verified Shareholders can also benefit from our trade-by-trade analysis of daily share trading patterns. (Tough luck shorters.)

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