The Race for AIM100 - update 20 Aug 2018


20 August 2018

Last week for the AIM100 Index was quite unlike the previous rather sedate one - a number of companies found the middle of the week challenging. Indeed BMN rose above SAA (M&C Saatchi), CAM (Camellia Plc) and ATYM (Atalaya Mining) for the first time, ending the week at position number 74.

As explained in the first article we can expect to move up one further place from this position as AIM loses two companies and will promote one more to a position above about 50.

The ranking graph (shown only for the original ensemble of companies 70-90) is shown below - you can see that above us we only have STAF, TEF, KETL and MAB1 in order of seniority. If we can break past these and into the top 70 of AIM companies we will establish clear blue water between ourselves and the 80th position threshold - then only a technical restriction can stop us being incorporated in the AIM100 index at the assessment date, understood to be one week today.


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