The race to join the AIM100


7 August 2018

To enter the AIM 100 index a stock needs to reach position 80 or above at the close of trading on the Monday 4 weeks before the update effective date. We currently make this assessment date August the 27th.

Since the last quarterly reshuffle, two of the top 80 have dropped out; PLUS joined the FTSE 250, and CITY were bought out. Those departures promote everyone behind them, but also in the last quarter DCOG, not previously in the AIM100, did a huge capital raising and should be inserted somewhere in the top 30 next time round. But, because of these changes, and all other things being equal, our place in the probable line up after the upcoming review will be one place better than it appears today in the Mcap ordered listing of all AIM companies taken from stockopedia.

The graph below shows shares at positions 70 to 90 in the AIM 100 Index as of the 30th July 2018. Bushveld's full Market Capitalisation is shown in red and the 80th position threshold is shown in yellow.

At the time of writing, we are sitting in 80th place, having  passed QXT and CTH yesterday afternoon. Studying the form of those that are in the pack with us around the 80 mark, shows that few have the momentum we do. Of the ten or so in front, only ELA and PAM have anything like the trajectory we have had over the past 12 months. Of those close behind, only AFM looks a threat. A bit further back LOOP and GFM have both had a stellar 12 months, but now seem to be taking a breather. 

So if form is any guide we can expect to progress up the list from here. And if Fortune is any guide, it's going to take something spectacular for anyone to catch us.  Stay tuned for ongoing updates ahead of the 27th Aug assessment date.

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