Trading Analysis – 12th Dec 2017


12 December 2017


A further PI disclosure – that the 45,300 at 14:20 (8.00p) was actually a PI buy has increased the nett trade position for the day to c. 719K more Buys than Sells. This brings the accumulated Market Maker accumulated short position to almost 1.71M .


vauch and goblesmythe – thanks for the disclosures – all very helpful.

Most interesting is goblesmythe’s buy coming as it did after the hike in Bid from 7.50p to 8.25p that occurred between 14:22 and 14:39 this afternoon.

Assuming there are no trades to be reported late that would simply explain this remarkable jump of 10% in the Bid then the next simplest explanation is that this was done deliberately to mask the true nature of the c. 340K Buys that came in after 14:39.

The nett trade position at the end of the day with these trades correctly determined as Buys comes out at 628K more Buys than Sells. If you were simply to ascribe these trades on the basis of whether they are below the mid-Bid-Ask price of 8.375p then you would end up with a figure of 54K less Buys than Sells. Ask yourself why the Market Makers have gone to such trouble to try and obscure the true nature of the trades this afternoon.

If you correctly ascribe the trades after 14:39 then you end up with the following Market Maker nett trade behaviour:

The Market Maker Short position is continuing to grow – now over 1.65M – they will need to continue to raise the share price to have any chance of buying the shares that they need.

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