Trading Analysis - 10th Dec 2018


10 December 2018


Similar early morning walkdown as seen on Friday morning. The MMs will no doubt see if they can get any shares from PI's during the day - the question is will they have to walk it up above 40p to get shares from their tame seller or not. Today they appear to have sold something like 500K more than they have bought - but in general this has been at prices marginally lower than 40p - so the question remains - where are these shares going to come from ?

End of Day

The MMs managed to throw in a 250K sell after hours, this and a total of 6x50K Sells during the day did manage to knock the nett trade position for the day back at the end of trading. However this was from the already high level of c. 900K more Buys than Sells - as a result after todays trading the MMs now need to find 500K more shares - such live-today-forget-about-tomorrow economics cannot last forever. At some point they will run out of someone else's shares to give away.

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