Trading Analysis - 12th Nov 2018


12 November 2018


First the detail of the initial rise.  Then the full morning's chart:

As things stand there seems to be a serious shortage of shares. The only regular source of sells is 100K trades, all highlighted and all reported relatively promptly. This appears to be somewhat different to the previously observed patterns of 250K and 500K sells, witnessed in the First Island selling days. We shall of course wait and see what turns up - however the strong rise and relax behaviour tends to suggest that Market Makers are currently balancing their books as quickly as possible.

End of Day

The MMs tried to keep a lid on things with the liberal sprinkling of 100K Sells, all highlighted. However it seems that this was not sufficient to supply them with the shares they needed (i.e. already sold) and so at just after 1PM were forced to announce that, guess what, all of a sudden, Wogen were exercising their remaining c 3.6M warrants. 

After 1pm it appears that the MMs were happy to let the SP rise and to sell yet more shares that they didn't have. I am pretty confident that in the next 3 days we shall discover trades that indicate that the Wogen Warrants have, in some part, been sold into the market today.

This is the last of the Warrants for Bushveld Minerals - a great day for us shareholders - the warrants have been one of the key tools at the disposal of anyone - external shorter or shorting Market Maker, who wishes to run a short position on this stock. It will give me great pleasure to set all the totals to zero on the TBP warrants tracker page.

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