Trading Analysis - 18th Dec 2018


18 December 2018


Serious tightness in share supply. MMs seem pretty desperate to buy shares. Now is a good time to be doing the same if you haven't done so yet. 

End of Day

Gains after 9am held firm into the afternoon with a clear tightening of the spread around midday, followed by a slow edging up. The slow movement accelerated after 3pm, and despite a number of significant Sells dropping in around 45p kept on going until 46p was paid (the chart above has a compressed axis compared with the earlier one). At that point the increase stopped, primarily because it was, alas, 4:30pm. The reappearance of another after hours TNCP 817,323 trade today would appear to nicely balance the end day trading position:

However during the day we've had another delayed report of yet another 817,323 trade from yesterday, this time at a slightly different price to the one first seen after hours yesterday. It would seem that these two 817,323's may be some kind of rollover. Maybe it was yesterday but today is a real sell this time around.

The chart above shows this as if it was real, but of course we will have to wait to see if we receive further delayed trade reports - perhaps something large again such as the 1.1M at 40.796p that came through today as a trade yesterday at 4:26pm. At this (strangely arbitrary) price this would appear to be a sell - however that seems a very long way from the real trading bands at that time so there is the possibility that this is a worked buy from the period when the price suddenly went from 40.8p to 41.8p, some 30 minutes earlier.

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