Trading Analysis - 7th Nov 2018


7 November 2018


Significantly quieter today. Most significantly on the sells  - between 8:10am and 9:40am there were only 4 Sells reported, compared with about six times as many Buys. Consequently the nett trade position has gone above +300K and SP has risen. All this is indicative of very strong holding sentiment based on company fundamentals.


Starting to hot up a little - despite volumes being only about 1/4 of the previous few days. Interesting....

End of Day    

Not many delayed trades to mess up the previously estimated nett trade position. In fact there's not a lot of anything - the number of trades is only about 1/3 what it has been over the previous 3-4 days and the shares traded volume is about a quarter of what it has been over that period. Phew, that makes my life a bit easier.

Normally this would be the point that you would expect a Market Maker, running a short position, would start to try and walk the price down. This is on the assumption that anyone who was going to buy will have bought by now and will have exhausted their funds, and that there's alway some people who can be spooked into selling, especially after such a brilliant rise in the previous fortnight.

However ... this did not happen. Even with the very minimal excess of Buys of only 300K the Bid and Ask both get moved up. It will be very interesting to see if this situation persists tomorrow.

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