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9:06 AM, 31 January 2018


2018 shipping logs

Does anyone know when the first of the new year logs may be available . I think it may allay a few nerves that production is in full swing following the Christmas break which I believe may have involved maintenance?


12:22 PM, 31 January 2018

Thanks for all the input Pal. I guess I'm a little impatient. On reflection Fortune stated in the 22nd January progress report that everything was on track for 3,680t annual production. We may need to increase security at these prices.


10:55 AM, 31 January 2018

Good morning, I posted the first delivery of year from Maersk Vilnius which was just one container. However one container is now worth over $800,000 from the $550,000 that was the value back in April last year.  I am awaiting news on a further vessel visit this month but as it set out from Cape Town it may not be carrying our product.

As Alfacomp has stated we will look to present the information in a format more in keeping with the new improved website as time and skills permit.



9:12 AM, 31 January 2018

Paludina is the person to answer this question - I know that he has a summary of last years shipping logs due for publication imminently, and we are then due to sit down and figure out a new way of presenting the latest shipping log data on his project - but he may wish to comment sooner here.

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