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7:49 AM, 14 March 2018


BMN Share Trades - a second 13.8M

Morningstar seems to have a reasonable listing of share trades, but I cannot post a link due to the way that it runs it's website (all dynamically generated URLs or some such).

Anyway - to cut to the chase - another 13.8M has shown up at 7:18 this morning.


7:57 AM, 14 March 2018

I think the 2x13.8M should only actually be counted as 1x Erongo Sells and 1x interMM transfer. The multiple 2.7M trades yesterday, although mainly at 8.70p also, are combined with a couple of 1M buys at 8.78p so the overall cost for buys is higher than 8.70p.

Given that the buys are subdivided it may be that it is multiple people buying and so perhaps stays below the 3% notification threshold - also there's a few days allowed before people have to notify the company.


7:54 AM, 14 March 2018

...and it is at the same 8.70p as the 13.8M yesterday so it looks like this could be the final installment of the end day trade pairs that we have seen since the 19th of December and which have been ascribed to Erongo selling down.

https://www.thebushveldperspective.com/blog/public-blog-1/post/when-will-erongo-clear-255 shows that this is about the right size to completely use up the Erongo 41M block.


7:52 AM, 14 March 2018

No RNS as yet. It may be if its an ii they have not passed the threshold but all these trades which are being 'balanced out' seems a bit odd. Been going for for quite some time.

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