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9:31 PM, 11 February 2018


Location of VRFB Batteries

On the 2nd of Feb Gambitxjs asked where the VRFB that was shown in the nice BMN 7 minute video was based. At the time I commented that I thought that this was the 3.12MWh battery that was originally installed at the schweitzer engineering lab at washington state university.

The system is definitely there - you can see it as the two white banks (each with a row of 4 square roof vents) in the centre of the google map here:-


This is the same system that was shown on page 12 of the recent 121 presentation and the article here:- https://www.thebushveldperspective.com/blog/public-blog-1/post/vrfb-technology-playlist-210

Anyone interested in curating a list of large VRFBs with their precise satellite location shown ?


4:07 PM, 13 February 2018

Yes, from this page http://www.vanadispower.com/2.html ..Number 23

Plus just looking into Number 24

https://www.snopud.com/PowerSupply/energystorage/esvideos.ashx?p=3226  Great Video

Snopud Everett substation wa



3:48 PM, 13 February 2018

Paludina would this be the 450KW/1440KWh installed by UET in combination with Terna at "a Terna utility substation in Ciminna"



1:17 PM, 13 February 2018

Possible sighting at Ciminna Sicily
 37°52'13.75"N  13°30'46.23"E



10:45 AM, 13 February 2018

Sorry, I am not doing well with this format and posted this on the wrong thread.

Just for starters

Page 4 Vanadis, manufactured units list here http://www.vanadispower.com/2.html and http://www.vanadispower.com/9.html

Vanadis Power GmbH Nordostpark 102 90411 Nürnberg, Germany
(49°29'15.03"N  11° 7'36.90"E)

UET Harbour Pointe, Mukilteo, Seattle (47°53'19.58"N 122°17'27.77"W)

Ronke Power 22 Xinda Street, Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone Wu Di Shi, 116 025

(38°51'28.92"N 121°30'56.84"E)

BNM Bolong New Materials http://bnm-bolong.com/index.php

Page 8, top left is NE Terre Drive Pulman WA United States ( 46°44'29.67"N  117° 8'36.60"W), the batteries are no longer showing on Google Earth.  This was the easy one


1:58 AM, 13 February 2018

Great find Paludina - it shows just how mature both the technology is and UET's approach, plus their existing approach of building strategic relationship. Also it shows just how the UET 31.5KW stacks (2014) compare with the 5KW (2018) ones in the RedT batteries. Higher power stacks means less plumbing and seals to fail, plus roughly 6 times less mechanical engineering and assembly costs for the same output power.

As far as the VRFB map idea goes there's 4 sites shown on page 8 that it would probably be possible to track down via the DOE energy storage database https://www.energystorageexchange.org/ - having the pictures really helps when trying to pinpoint the location from satellite images.

The big one is of course the Dalian 800MWh Project - I have tried to use google maps satellite images to find either the Rongke Power factory (the one shown with the blue roof here:- https://electrek.co/2017/12/21/worlds-largest-battery-200mw-800mwh-vanadium-flow-battery-rongke-power/ ) or the actual Battery building itself (white U-shaped building) - so far unsuccessfully.


1:02 PM, 12 February 2018

Good day Alfa, I am willing to assist with this and the Vanadium producers project which I have been looking into however I am just leaving to go walkabout for a couple of months down under. I will hope to have some BMN time while out there but it will be limited. If a lead member takes this up I will support as much as I can. One old find that I am not sure I have seen before is here https://www.iea.org/media/workshops/2014/egrdenergystorage/Yang.pdf.


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