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7:34 AM, 14 March 2018


Metal Bulletin

Chinese vanadium suppliers raise offers despite limited activity European market surges on increasingly tight supply US ferro-vanadium market strengthens again, supply squeeze supports Chinese ferro-vanadium export prices continued to trend higher over the past week, supported by higher prices for the material in Europe and the tight supply of vanadium pentoxide (V2O5). Metal Bulletin assessed fob China ferro-vanadium prices at $62-64 per kg on Thursday March 8, up from $61-62 per kg one week ago. Meanwhile, the price quotation for fob China V2O5 surged to $14-14.60 per Ib on March 8, up by 4% from the previous week’s assessment of $13.50-14 per lb. “I quoted $63.50 on [March 7], but stopped quoting from [March 8],” a ferro-vanadium exporter and trader told Metal Bulletin. “Major domestic V2O5 producers reported no cargoes to sell in spot market, and ferro-vanadium producers raised prices and are selling in small amounts. We failed to source spot material,...


7:48 AM, 14 March 2018

Vanadium prices increase again overnight.

FeV in the States rises 106% over 360 day period 


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