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1:57 PM, 6 February 2018


The Best Time to Buy Bushveld Minerals: It is now!

Over the last year, this company has made truly transformational progress from a mineral exploration company to a full mining operation with the purchasing of the Vametco Vanadium Mining Operation. The business has huge opportunity to grow this business as production is ramped up with investment put back in to grow production from the current 3000 tonnes per year to 5000 tonnes per year by the middle of next year. With the amazingly strong purchasing costs which Vanadium processors are paying due to the global restricted supply, our position is exceptionally strong. 

Given that the share price has slipped back due to the Global Markets it gives any new Private Investors and even large investment companies one of the best buying opportunities to get shares and what will be one of the lowest buying prices this year and may never be seen again.  All our long-term investors have realised that this company will soon be seeing our stock price increase up, over the coming year to levels of around 25 to 50 pence per share and more if the company continues its growth not only with Vanadium but with a new type of Electrolyte used for high capacity off-grid energy storage VFR Batteries.

Bushveld, of course, have interests in Coal and Tin which will add in the future the company's future market value.

Don't miss the best opportunity to buy into this company.

I wish you all well. Enjoy this investment opportunity!


2:17 PM, 6 February 2018

I have to agree - I thought that the company was a stone cold steal 18 months ago at 2.4p when Vametco had not even completed and the price of Vanadium was 40% of what it is now.

Currently the SP is only 3.5 times higher but the opportunity is 1000% less risky than it was. It seems that you not only need to lead the horse to water but you also need to sit it down, buy it a drink and give it a good talking to.

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