This forum is for Private Investors interested in Bushveld Minerals.  Together we can make BMN the best researched stock on AIM.


12:15 AM, 1 February 2018



Sorry I tried to send my info but it was denied

any tips to send my verification 



11:38 AM, 12 April 2018

Hello, I sent my verification docs but not sure if this has gone through as currently showing as not verified on the badge?

thanks, fastmoney


7:56 AM, 1 February 2018

A copy of photo id such as driving licence and a screen print of your  Bushveld holding.


7:45 AM, 1 February 2018

What is required to send for verification. A screen print of holdings?


3:23 AM, 1 February 2018

Are you sure that you got the email address correct - it is verification@thebushveldperspective.com - we had over a dozen verification emails to that address yesterday alone so it is working.

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This community is for all those interested in Bushveld Minerals - you don't need to be a verified shareholder to post but if you are it helps to get verified so that people can see your genuine status. Read Guidelines

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