This forum is for Private Investors interested in Bushveld Minerals.  Together we can make BMN the best researched stock on AIM.


10:55 AM, 29 January 2018


Well done Alfa

Alfa, I would like to congratulate you on this excellent website! It has obviously taken a lot of time and energy and effort.  We as shareholders are extremely lucky to have someone as committed as you to pull all this together. Thank you very much.


5:38 PM, 1 February 2018

Fantastic piece of work

Thank You 



6:41 PM, 31 January 2018

Really nice clear site Alfa.

Thanks for putting in all your efforts to this. Well done.


3:52 PM, 31 January 2018

Nice work Alfa, I make websites, so I know a lot of work has gone in. Well done. Just wish Bushveld would employ you! 


2:27 PM, 31 January 2018

Well done!  Congrats.  Best wishes


1:48 PM, 31 January 2018

Well Done..   Nice site well laid out .



10:45 AM, 31 January 2018

Evidently not quite enough to get the formatting right on embedded quotations - I will look into this when I have some time - there's quite a bit going on right now.


10:37 AM, 31 January 2018

Alfa - you have obviously put a lot of thought into the creation of an informative website and forum. You really should take a paid post at the Marketing & Promotion office in BMN! Well done! 


9:53 AM, 31 January 2018

Great work Alfa!


9:41 AM, 31 January 2018

Thank you for putting this together.


7:42 AM, 31 January 2018

Excellent site Alfa - A great deal of work and a wonderful asset for the shareholders and investors


11:17 AM, 29 January 2018

Thanks - let's hope this is a useful complement to the LSE board - whilst I enjoy the banter on LSE most of the time I think that all too often we could do without the ill-informed nonsense. Even if I like it it still gets in the way of a clear understanding for new people - so hopefully this site can draw a lot of the information together in a tighter, more efficient way.

We have a remarkable community and a remarkable company. And the timing for both Vanadium and VRFBs could not be any better - this is a perfect opportunity to see if the AIM market can actually work as it should - to obtain appropriate valuations for good and growing businesses, despite the best efforts of those who would seek to take PIs for a ride.

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